Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Farmers are aware of issues with pesticides/herbicides !!!!

Had a chat with the driver of the tractor who had come for ploughing my field. He may be around 25 years old and has completed his ITI degree in Mehcanical branch. He is also a farmer and has around 4 acres of paddy field. He mentioned to me if I am going to plant without puddling, then weeds may be more and herbicides may have to be used. Just out of curiosity I asked him if they uses herbicides. He uses herbicides but there is one portion they keep it for their own use and there they don't apply herbicides and apply only cow dung as manure. I was shocked to hear this and had heard about such stories but didn't know it happens in palakkad,kerala.

I just told him so you are taking care of your health and your families health and not worried about others health, he was just smiling and didn't answer my question. Once the peak season is over, he does not have job for the rest of the year. His house is to be rennovated and need money for his sister's marriage. So it looks like when there is pressure for them, they don't think about the society.

Or what could be the reason why people are not bothered about other's health and how this attitude can be changed?


Anonymous said...

The consumers are themselves not bothered. They will spend on expensive gadgets,branded clothes, etc., but are not willing to pay 10 or 15 per cent more for organically grown produce.

Nandakumar said...

True, consumers and govt. are not in favor of farmers. To get a decent income from farming, farmers should organise. Now a days, all are organised and they demand premium prices. For e.g barbers,photographers all have associations and they fix the prices.