Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Discussion with Kailashamurthy on natural paddy

Since I am about to start one more round of natural paddy cultivation thought of discussing with Kailashamurthy http://the-anf.org/) who had done natural paddy cultivation earlier.

He had done paddy farming in natural style for 5 years and stopped now and planning to restart soon. The rice variety should be a wild one or tuned for that, after 3-4 years of cultivation in natural paddy style. Otherwise they can not compete with grass effectively. Also if we have irrigation water wild weeds will come with water and they grow very vigorously..so problems are different in each area.

He asked me to put horse gram first and then put seed balls onto it first horse gram is established.If you allow water for 5-10 days, horse gram will turn yellow and its leaves will be wilted and will go away, it is easy to control it. Also according to him all the other grass like touchme not etc..should be manually removed. Also it is important that paddy establishes before the weeds.

From all these discussions it is not going to be easy..so has to figure out..

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