Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sharpening tool

I use a 'Vettukathi' (in malayalam, probably chopper in English) for cutting the bush and coconut leaves . To start with handle was a big problem, after some use, it will come out and later I learnt that if the iron part comes out from the other end of the handle and fixed, then the handle won't come out that easily. I searched for such a tool and found it and then I was able to use it without any issues so far.

The second issue was the sharpness of the tool, if tool is not sharp, cutting is frustrating, it takes many more attempts to completely cut stems of bushes. Once when the tool became blunt, I took the tool to blacksmith and he sharpened it nicely, but after some, it was back to the same. My helper told me, he also take the tool to blacksmith and only he can sharpen it nicely.

During a visit to a home exhibition, I bought a file for sharpening tools. I just tried that and felt, the chopper has become sharp. Now I keep the tool with me so that I can sharpen it once in a while, instead of taking the tool to blacksmith and it is working beautifully. My helper also acknowledged this factor after using the chopper for cutting a tender coconut.

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