Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scythe - Tool for cutting grass

Recently purchased a tool called Scythe for cutting grass. First heard about this tool from the Fukuoka farming yahoo group friends. Ordered this from Canada from and the total cost was 150 CAD (8680 INR), payment was done through Paypal. It took around 4 months for the scythe to reach my home, but tracking was available upto Bombay. Cochin customs fined 1500 INR for importing it without a license and another 3000 INR was the customs duty charges. So total cost was 13000 INR (240 USD).

Finally fitted a snath which I had cut from my farm and fitted it, there was no handles attached. Could see that it is able to cut large area, but not getting the swing given in the videos, probably will need more practice. Able to sharpen the Scythe using the sharpening stones provided, we are supposed to peen the blade edge using a hammer to take care of the bends, this is not tried yet. If it works as per the videos shown in kerala conditions, it will be a real good tool to use. I can see that the tool has the capacity for that, since it is razor sharp and lengthy edge cuts lot of grass in one go.

Here are some videos available in the net about the scythe.

Paddy harvesting using scythe

02 December 2015

Myself and friend Anil met Alexander Vido and his son Gabriel at Vallikavu, Amruthanandamayi Ashramam for a scythe training.The meeting was co-ordinated by Jagannath and his friend David. Alexander gave a detailed lecture about blades, snath making, blade fitting, peening, sharpening and finally sessions on cutting grass where all of us tried it. Earlier while using, I never fitted snath properly and major issue was grips were not there at all. Alexander gave me a grip and a screw for fitting it to the snath. He gave me a blade free of cost, for cutting bushes and also fixed by blade filing and making it's edge clean. The session was immensely useful and I hope Scythe willl be part of the farming activities. One issue was with stones in the field, so we discussed about this and only solution was to be careful and also pick and keep it aside.

Here are some photos with him.

Clearing touch-me-not grass...


balaji said...

the Center for Environment Concerns Hyderabad developed a scythe which could be much cheaper.

I got one imported from geneva - a friend brought it - so no taxes!

The local one is not so light as the imported one and has carbon steel or whatever but cuts fine.

Have requested CEC to build bigger scythes - they make a tubular snath with wooden handles (adjustable for height on the snath).


Nandakumar said...

Dear Balaji,

This is great news !!!. I have been searching if a local made scythe is available. It will be good, if you can share contact details from where I can get a scythe. I need a more thicker scythe for cutting bushes.