Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some paddy experiences from others

I am planning to start 2nd season paddy crop this year and was discussing this with a neighbor. On this season, I was planning to get a tiller and puddle and make muddy field and transplant the seedlings. This neighbor is around 70 years and he is a traditional farmer and has more than 10 acres of paddy field and does two crops yearly. On hearing about my paddy plan, he asked me to delay the planting since the neighbors hasn't started planting yet. He told me that if my paddy gets matured first all the insects will be coming to my field, so it is better that I time it with other neighbors so that insects will have lot more area to attack and hence per unit area attack will be less.

I have heard about similar comments from others that if the rice gets matured and there will be parrots and peacocks coming for the harvest and if your paddy alone is there, the attack will be very severe. So when the area is more, birds attack severity will be less.

Even if we do natural farming or not, these things are important since insects/bird attack will be there anyway.

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