Monday, October 14, 2013

White clover in Kodaikkanal

Fukuoka san had used while clover as a leguminous cover crop for grains and for orchard. He had choosen aftr experimenting with many other cover crops. For grain farming he used to sow the clover seeds with grain and white clover remains at the ground level while the grain grows high. If he feels that while clover is blocking sun light for grains at the initial stages, he used to flood the field which weakens clover and grain grows well during this time. Once the grain is established he drains the water so that white clover remains at the foot of the grain, which fixes nitrogen and also avoids grass.

Like many I was also searching for white clover when I started natural farming. But couldn't get the seeds of white clover. Later many suggested that it won't grow in kerala climate, so just left it. Later one friend in Japan sent me some seeds of white clover and tried it in different seasons but couldn't see it germinating.

Couple of days back, went to Kodaikanal with family/friends for a two trip. On reaching the hotel Stonycroft, I was really surprised to see white clover in the lawn. It was reasonably established in some parts and later found that it in road sides and other parks also. I had checked its name with couple of local people, but they never knew its name. Kodaikkanal being a hilly area has a very cool climate and that may be the reason why it grows there. I liked its feature,it is very low height and establishes well in the grass.

Here are some pictures

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