Saturday, July 11, 2015

Paddy cultivation - Monsoon 2015

Monsoon was delayed badly and all farmers started paddy cultivation late. Seeing this I was also did the same, and finally it got delayed a lot. To be a good farmer, I should do timely operations and this is one area which I require improvement.

I am using a traditional variety rice called 'KunjuKunju' which is of duration 90 days. I put the seed in water and added salt in it so that lighter seeds float. As per one book, salt should be added such that tip of a chicken egg when put in this water, comes to surface. I was not having this much salt, so finally put around 200gms of salt and then put around 3Kgs of seeds on to it. Floating seeds were removed. Seed was later washed in pure water 3-4 times and put it in a jute sack and then piled and kept it for 3 days. Ideally I should have covered it in a cloth so that it would have uniformly germinated. I could see some seeds germinated well while some not.

I put the seeds on bed on July 3rd. My helper put a plastic sheet and put around 2" of mud on it and then put seeds on it. The field was ploughed by tractor couple of days back. Since there was not enough water, it was not leveled well.

Later a walk behind tiller was used and tilled and leveled land once again. If every thing goes well, I will be using SRI method this time.

My worker making the field ready for sowing germinated seeds


There was some issue with watering, in between rain stopped and filed went dry. So some of the seeds didn't germinate, hence density is not that good. Peacocks scratched some area and some plants were uprooted.


Cows from nearby grazed this area and some plants were was not a major damage and plants are recovering. Transplanting delayed, now doing SRI may not be advisable, but not enough plants for close spacing in conventional way. Women workers are busy with other work and I get lowest priority since acreage is less and they have less work with me. One day I tried transplanting and understood how difficult this work is. Walking through puddled field is difficult and planting is back breaking, so left it after couple of rows. It would have been great if natural farming works for me, but that is also a tough game, but all these troubles motivate me to keep trying it.


Since there was no enough plants, all area was not transplanted and hence you can see weeds on the left side. But other wise, rice plants are healthy and coming OK.


Establishing well..even though one/two seedlings were used, they are growing with multiple is an amazing plant...growing paddy is a great experience...


Plants are growing very thick...another variety called Jyothi planted in some places...


Started flowering...checked with Somettan of Kaliyar, Movaatupuzha from whom I had bought the seeds, according to him if transplanted, harvest will be delayed...



Plants are turning yellow...may be ready for harvest in a week or 10 3 months over...nearby fields harvest is over and they are getting ready for next crop.

Finally harvesting was took 100 days to mature, 10 days more since it was transplanted..5 ladies were employed to harvest it. I was not present on that day since I had to attend another function, so managed it remotely. Got around 120Kgs of paddy, it is very very less compared to normal standards..

First two rows were just single seedlings..other rows 2 seedlings...I could count upto 20 tillers...

Ground is grass perfect to start some other cultivation without tilling??

Straw was mulched back...but it does not fit all area...only some portions...



Very good article... keep writing

Shantanu said...

I can understand how you feel Nandan. I'm willing to come down to help you. Last 4-5 months of hardwork on the house construction has reduced my weight and increased stamina....still may not be anywhere close to what a local labour can do, but if it helps, don't hesitate to drop in a line.

Nandakumar said...

Thanks Shantanu..finally transplanting was done with local labour help. You are welcome at any time..I am also planning to increase the stamina..after all that is one of the good thing about farming.


Unknown said...

Hello Nandakumar, you are a real inspiration.

Nandakumar said...

Thanks Rakesh