Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another trial with Happy Hill rice - 2015 September

Three years back I had received some samples of happy hill rice from a Japanese friend, and had grown them in one season. After that kept the seeds for an year, and then they were not germinating. I had shared the seeds to couple of people, and all had lost it.

After a long search found Michal Miksik through a web site called Contacted him and he was ready to send seeds, but the first set of seeds didn't make it, they were lost some where in the transition. After hearing this, he was ready to send the seeds once again and this time, he sent it by registered post and it reached on 17th day.

I have close to 100 seeds and 4-5 people have already requested for some seeds and will be sending them at least 10 seeds. I am requesting this time to send me 10 seeds back, after they grow the paddy. This will help me to distribute seeds to more people.


I kept 10 seeds soaked in wet cotton and on 3rd day, 5 seeds have germinated. Those seeds were put in the flower pot with some soil over it and other 5 seeds were again kept in wet cotton to see if it germinates. By after noon ants had lifted one seed from this, by seeing this I scattered some sugar for them so that they don't disturb the seeds.


After first batch, I put 25 seeds in wet cotton and most of it germinated by 3rd day. I put all of them in a separate flower pot and scattered some soils over it watered it. To my surprise next day, all seeds were taken by ants. It looks like water was less and they could easily lift soil particles and take away the seeds. I had scattered some sugar also, but this didn't help.

Today I put another 10 seeds in cowdung seed ball and put them in a grow bag and watered it nicely. By after noon all seeds were be seen what happens now. If one scheme fails, we should have some back up for a different trial.


3 seedlings coming in a flower pot and a few were transplanted to a raised bed. Applied cowdung slurry couple of times and mulched with leaves and all has become part of soil now.

Some Arachis Pintoi cuttings are planted here along with rice...they are slowly coming up.


Plants are becoming more healthy after applying cowdung slurry multiple times....



It started early...plants are not so healthy even after mulching and applying cowdung slurry multiple times...




Even though yield was not good, some seeds are got, enough for next season's planting and multiplication. Meanwhile didn't hear from anyone to whom I had sent the seeds !!! Hope some more happy hill seedlings are growing some where !!!

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