Saturday, April 9, 2016

Meeting a farmer who cultivates traditional rice varieties

Today met a farmer named M.P.Paul from Ottappalam who cultivates 14 or so traditional rice varieties on 5 acre farm. Now a days since labor cost is increased, he does all the work by himself. He has tractor, planter,tiller etc..all machineries needed for rice cultivation.

Chettiadi variety is grown by him and for the last 3 years, he just ploughs the field and seeds from pervious crop germinates and he gets decent yield, about 1000kgs from 1 acre. He says, the cost of cultivation is minimum for this. It competes with grass well and he does not do any manuring. Maximum tillers of this variety is about 140 and since it grows thick, it does not fall. He started Chettiadi, since one particular area of the farm more stagnant water and other varieties could not tollerate this. Straw is completely returned to the soil.

Some other varieties can be seen in the photos...more about his farming, once I make a visit to his farm.

Had a brief chat with Paul over phone and one interesting information which he gave was that, after south-west monsoon, we should not cut any grass since it allows to condense water, in the winter time. This is quite a big amount of water which will be useful. According to him, my area is good for many crops including potatoe, beet root etc...


Unknown said...

I missed this post earlier. Very excited to see this. Do you know if Mr. Paul will be able to share some of the seeds? i am ready to pay for it.

Nandakumar said...

Dear Subith,

Yes, please contact me, I can give Paul's contact number, he will give you seeds..