Sunday, November 5, 2017

Rice varieties - some information

Thought of keeping a record of rice varieties which I come across. Recently a friend (Podilapu Srinath from Andra Pradesh) sent me some details of rice varieties he cultivates, so starting with that.

From left to right
1) nms2  no of grains 370  height 5ft  duration 130 days 
2) Ilapa sambha no of grains  340 height 5-6 ft  duration 135days 
3) Narayana kamini no of grains 440 height 6-7ft  duration 150 days
4) Black rice no of grains 200 height 6-7 feet  duration 160days  
5) Gandhasale no of grains 320 height 3-4 feet  duration130days 
6) Krishnakamini no of grains 320 height 3-4 ft duration 130 days


Unknown said...

I met one person near Kothamangalam doing natural farming since many years. A couple of weeks ago I went to his place about 25 min drive from my home. He has kept a few varieties of rare rice species and has many other crops as well. From the appearance I feel he able to make reasonable income as well. Since you are also interested in natural farming I thought it maybe useful for you to get introduced to him. I am going again there this weekend to collect some banana saplings. I shall mention about you to him.

Nandakumar said...


Nice to hear about this, would like to hear more about him,also would like to talk to him/visit him