Thursday, December 21, 2017

Organic World Congress - 2017- New Delhi

I attended Organic World Congress which was held in New Delhi (Greater Noida) on November 9-11. I  presented one paper which is the summary of my experiments so far, My experiments with Fukuoka Natural Farming. There were eleven presentations from Kerala.

It was quite a good experience,meeting many farmers from different parts of the world, 110 countries participated in the event.

Lot of presentations were from Biodynamic farmers,not sure if it is because of the popularity or effectiveness. Could  not see any papers from Subash Palekar's Zero Budget Natural Farming, may be because he is totally against the compost based organic farming and bio-dynamic farming.

But there were lot of small scale farmers, and most of them were cow based, it looks like cow is an integral part of farming, worldwide.

In the stalls, could see many companies getting into organic business, all employees with formal dressing....was a surprise to see such booming organic business

Could meet farmers/friends/great persons like - Nandish, Bablu Ganguly, Debal Deb, Jacob Nellithanam, Bharat Mansata, Visalakshi Padmanabhan (Buffalo Back), Umedra Datt, etc....

Some photos...

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