Sunday, September 23, 2018

Browntop Millet - Trial

Recently went for a seed festival in Chinnavedanpatty,Coimbatore and happened to eat rotis made by Browntop millet. Liked the taste and there was seed for sale, bought one Kg of seeds. When put in the farm, it didn't germinate, even though soil had moisture initially later it dried up.

Thought of trying it at the backyard garden at home. 

Some internet information

Information says,just 2 rains are enough for a yield,also within 70-80 days it mature.It can be grown under tamirind tree or under arecanut trees. Also the seeds which is fallen from the current crop is enough for the next crop. All these facts pushes me to give a try.


Seeds were put in the soil and watered. After 3-4 days, it germinated.



Earlier I thought this was foxtail millet,when it flowered it is brown-top millet.This was started in August 28th


 One portion was harvested


Unknown said...

Good... Planning to repeat the crop?

Nandakumar said...

Yes, will be planting this in the next rainy season.


Grace said...

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Annie said...

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