Monday, October 1, 2018

Clearing and starting cultivation in a new area

In one area where there is no irrigation facility had been neglected for some time. This time decided to cut the weeds and clean it and make it ready for cultivation in the next monsoon.One possibility is turmeric since it does not need watering. Since some mulch is needed, in one area cowpea is put and another area browntop millet is put, not sure if there will be enough rain for these crops, but giving a try.


After putting cowpea, lightly tilled the area with a fork, so that seeds get into soil and it will germinate with available moisture. That light tilling worked.

brown top millet has started germinating.


Cowpea has established thickly...Browntop millet is also fine,may have to weed that area once



Clearing of weeds and light tillage helped a lot.


Flowered and grains are forming, peacocks and birds are feasting on this, that will be the bigger challenge

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