Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tapioca planting

Two days back, there was good rain at farm. When there is good rain, all I want to do is plant some thing, lot of crops grow with less water, but to germinate they would need enough moisture.

So this time, I wanted to plant some tapioca cuttings. Wild pigs and rats eat most of them, so keep moving them to places where they don't attack. Wild pigs does not come to places where there are people, so move such crops towards the boundaries where neighbors are there. Rats attack in places where they have enough hiding places, so this time cleared the grass and didn't bother to mulch, kept the mulch around some banana saplings.

In one place piles the soil and put the sticks, but this was too much work, so in one place just loosened the soil using crowbar and planted the sticks. In both places sown some alfalfa seeds.




So far in this place, wild pigs hasn't touched it and they are growing well


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