Sunday, December 2, 2018

Taro harvesting and planting on the same day

For root vegetables, Fukuoka san suggests to leave some tubers at the time of harvesting so that they come up in the next season, so it saves lot of time. At the time of harvesting, you have to dig it up to get all the tubers, so planting makes it easy since soil is already worked up.

I tried this yesterday while harvesting taro. Immediately after harvesting the taro, just put small seeds back and covered it with soil. Since the soil is little moist, sown some alfafa seeds also.Could complete all this work, comfortably by myself so planning to extend this to bigger areas. This small taro is not touched by wild pigs and rats while other root crops bigger taro (kandi chembu) and elephant foot yam is completely eaten by them.


above 2 photos,small seeds can be seen..

After mulching

Typical structure of harvested taro...

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