Sunday, November 3, 2019

A set of hand tools which looks useful

Hand tools always fascinated me. In Fukuoka San's video, saw the Japanese sickle he was using and search for a similar tool directed me towards Scythe and has been using it for 6-7 years now.

Scythe takes care of the tall weeds, while small weeds are has to be handled differently. Found push-pull hoe or stirrup hoe to be useful for this and bought one.

Push-Pull hoe can not be used for more tougher weeds and earth works. Because some time, you want to cut weeds and then loosen soil and make place for planting some saplings, in this case spade is useful. Conventional spades available in India are too heavy and mostly has short handles which strains the back. Hence looking for garden hoes, found some interesting designs, see the photos below. Still don't have this, but in the process of making.

Another interesting tool recommended by Sepp Holzer is Folkin hoe, this can be used as a short scythe and also for removing tough weeds and some soil working also. This is not locally available hence has to make one.

Saw this tool which looks almost similar to Folkin hoe, but there are some differences..

Details can be seen in the web site -

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