Thursday, June 25, 2020

Rice farming - Monsoon season 2020

This year rice farming activities started on time. Rains were less, not enough for puddling field, pumped water from big well and made field wet 2 days before the actual puddling started. If we just pump water on the puddling day, field will never be wet sufficiently. Last seasons Fukuoka style cowpea had established in some places and got some very tasty cowpea pods.

June 06,2020

June 7, 2020

Around 22Kgs (2.25 para) of rice seeds were soaked in water for 24 hours, a bit of cowdung slurry also added to the water. Then seeds were kept in jute sack for 12 hours, in around 24 hours time, they started germinating. By evening the sack had kept upside down, so that seeds germinates rather uniformly.

Using 2 plastic sheets as the nursery, a thin layer of mud is spread over this and seeds were spread and news paper was put over this so that peacocks and birds does not take away the seeds. Plastic sheets were spread a bit inside so that, peacocks does not enter to it, they try to avoid muddy fields.

June 13,2020

June 21,2020

Transplanting done on this day, 5 women laborers were employed. This time, they completed it on a single day, but they didn't push the weeds down, so that weeding has to be done very soon.


Rooted and turning bit more green


Weeding completed before 15 days after transplanting...4 women completed it in one day, 
they worked for 1 hour extra


2nd weeding completed. Before this 18 buckets of cowdung and 4 sacks of ash was spread in the field. 2nd weeding took, 5 laborers for 1.25days.

August 20,2020


Flowered and grains started forming...can see peacock eating from sides...

Started turning yellowish, getting ready for harvest. Last couple of days, receiving good rain, some plants have fallen, hope that would be OK. Peacocks started picking from sides, before that become considerable, harvesting has to be done.

Harvesting started and completed on next day.4 women laborers were used, on the first day, they cut it and piled up and next day threshing was done. 46 para (368Kgs) is the yield. Peacocks didn't eat much and wild boars also spared it.


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