Thursday, October 29, 2020

Sesame on small plots

Sesame is traditionally planted in 'Atham Njattuvela' in Kerala, ie. between September 26-October 10th, started a bit late by October 3rd week, but soil was reasonably wet. Got some seeds and cleared grass in some patches using Fokin's hoe and made a line using the same hoe and then put seeds in line, between lines close to 0.75 feet distance is put.

In some places, ant had taken the seeds, later once again seed was put and then turmeric powder was put above this.

In this area, grass was very thick, after cutting with Scythe, just made strips clean of grass using Fokin's hoe and then made channel using Fokin's hoe and put seeds. The grass which is in the middle portion will be cut and controlled if they come up aggressively.

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