Thursday, August 19, 2021

Peahen mother

Couple of days back, laborers were harvesting coconuts and I was helping them to identify trees. In one area there were some logs piled up and I thought spreading them in the free time. I threw them here and there so that they decompose and become part of the soil. When I threw one log to the pureria covered ground, could see one dried coconut near to that. 

I thought of picking it up and moved towards it and as I approached closer, to my surprise it was a peacock sitting with its eggs. She didn't even looked at me and was not scared, normally they fly off when we approach them, in this case I was just few feets away from it. Later laborers came and harvested coconuts and the falling sound also didn't scare her. I didn't take photos so that it is not disturbed again. I could see the real will power of a mother bird, even though I had seen some such incidence in the social media, this was a unique experience to me.


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Nisha Saifi said...

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