Monday, July 8, 2013

Cutting grass,creepers using Scythe

Here are some photos of grass, creepers cut using scythe. There are some obvious steps usually a person using scythe follows, since I am using this tool for the first time, figured out after a while.

Step 1: We have to start cutting from a side so that the grass fallen does not interfere with your further cutting. For e.g, if we are facing a field like this, it is better to start cutting from left hand side, since grass cut falls to left hand side and does not interfere with further cutting. Initially I was cutting here and there and cut grass was interfering a lot

Step 2:  Cutting using scythe is always, cut and step forward and cut. For e.g I started from left hand side of the field given below, after each cutting, step forward and reach other end of the field and start the next cutting again from adjacent place from where I had started.

The grass cut and grass still to be cut. Broadcasted sunhemp seeds into grass before cutting.

There was too much grass, so had to keep it aside using a rake tool, so that the grass does not interfere with germination of sunhemp

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balaji said...

did you buy the scythe in India? is there a picture of the scythe? what size is it?