Friday, August 15, 2014

Farewell to my dog friends

I had three dogs in the farm, all looked after my worker Palani. They were Julie, Rugmani and Kuttus. When ever I go to the farm, Julie will be there, most of the time around me, and will definitely will have a portion of my lunch. She is very punctual at it, some time she goes away, but at the lunch time she will be there. Some times, they accompany me and they will just relax some where when I do my work. The fact that they are there, makes me more comfortable, since they sense snakes or any other creature much ahead.

Rugmani is Julies's mother and is more matured. Kuttus is Rugmani's son is very mischievous. Unfortunately all of them had eaten some poison which some nearby farmers had put in their ginger farms for killing rats. Julie and Rugmani was seen dead in the farm and Kuttus was not traced at all.  Recently Rugmani had given birth to 4 puppies and they are searching for their mother. Palani is taking care of them, by feeding with baby bottles, hope they survive.

Farewell to my friends .......






Anonymous said...

There is a way to avoid this. You can teach the farmer you kept the poison, next time when he keeps the poison, let him keep in a PVC pipe which has one side closed. This must be half burried in ground otherwise dogs will topple and eat the poisoned food.

Nandakumar said...

Thanks, will see if this can be conveyed.


Nisha Srinivasan said...

Sorry to hear this Nandan