Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cutting and mulching trees

Some elder natural farmers like Iyyunniattan and Josephettan told me to grow as many trees as possible and cut and mulch unwanted ones. Green leaves keeps the energy from sunlight and this is fertility in the soil which is stored sun energy. If this energy is lost, it is lost for ever, farmers should tap as much sun energy as possible and later this can be converted to fertility.  Trees contains lot of nutrients and on decomposing it gets converted to humus. Forest soil is fertile, because it contains many trees and they get decomposed over a period of time. In natural farming, we can mimic natures methods and speedup soil fertility. Masanobu Fukuoka suggests to cut and dig trees before starting orchard. Hugelculture also talks about digging tree trunks and planting over it. These are evidences of using trees for mulching.

I have some subabul trees which have grown big and shading out coconut/mango trees. So I just cut its branches and some part of it is used for making hugelkulture beds and rest is used for mulching. This year planning to grow more subabul, glyrecedia and jack fruit trees.

Coconut trees are getting enough sunlight now, they will grow better now..planted some glyrecedia cuttings myself, made its one end pointed and then just pressed it to wet soil.

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