Sunday, September 18, 2016

Backyard cultivation

I don't stay in my natural farm, so have been staying in the rented house. A few months back, I moved to a new house and this place is around 0.2 acres. So started some backyard cultivation for vegetables, with cow at home, vegetaables are growing very well now. So thought of blogging this part of cultivation also.

I just apply cowdung slurry continuously to all the crops. Raised beds are made with mulching so that effort is reduced drastically. Right now I have ladys finger, brinjal, tomato, chilly, tapioca, taro, bitter guard etc...Some are in the initial stages....Cowdung and mulching does magic, crops grow very well...

Lady's finger and couple of maze plants


Spinach coming up on raised bed, the one below was growing well in the start of the rainy season, the current growth is not so good.

This spinach had come up on its own around the house, just put them in the raised bed, it grows reasonably well.


Tomato plants in fruiting looks like, they don't need much water, but in rainy season, they don't grow well

new seedling getting ready for transplantation...lady's finger,pumpkin, tomato etc...

In one area, since there was not enough space for raised beds, made some heaps after putting some organic matter and cowdung over top of it.




There are plenty of seeds from each plant...collecting and storing them for future use and distribution...

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