Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2nd Season Rice Crop - Kunjukunju - 2017

Since first crop was not successful, thought of doing 2nd rice crop since otherwise I have to buy rice from market.

Puddled using tractor guage wheel and planning to use direct seeded SRI to save water.

15-October-2017Pre-germinated seeds were put at 20cm distance by using a marker made using PVC pipes.

Seeds estimated was not enough hence put some seeds in a nursery for transplanting to remaining portions.


Gap filling was done..Weeding going initial stages weeding is really easy..


After weeding, applied some cowdung slurry, initially mixed in a drum and started pouring at different places, it was too difficult to walk in the field with that weight, so started just pouring at the water entering place. For some time, scattered cowdung, here and there in the water.

2nd weeding is in progress...flooding the field on alternate days, still weeds manage to come through.

Harvest was over, this time it was very bad, just got around 30Kgs. Decided two things

1. Go only for transplanting
2. Make seedlings ready in a separate place


Unknown said...

Which one this time?
I have just sown Chitteni and a little bit navara.
Last crop was complete disaster with a rain washing away the whole field.

Nandakumar said...


In the main area it is Kunjukunju again. I have sown 'Black Chitteni' in the no-till experimental site. But it is already covered by grass, mostly it won't make it.

If you are OK, with 8 months duration, Chettiadi is a better crop in high rainfall areas. Also heard about a flood tollerant variety being cultivated in Andhra called 'Narayana Kamini'.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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