Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Hill rice - 2017

Happy hill rice was put in small scale to maintain seeds. I put lot of seeds in the paddy field in the farm, but it was too early in the summer and by the time rain started all the seeds were eaten by termites or some other insects.

Happy hill rice and some clover varieties on trial, yellow clover and white clover. 

Hopefully will have some seeds to share to other people also.

Got some seeds, kept it for next season and also sharing it with some people. I have already have a backlog to send it to 4-5 farmers, will be doing it soon.


Unknown said...

Were you able to produce enough of this to try cooking?

Nandakumar said...


No, I tried in little more area this time, but I put too early in the summer so seeds were eaten by some insects/termites.