Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jon Jandai - Guru of Natural Living

Came across Jon Jandai who is the founder of self reliance centre Pun Pun in Thailand and thought it will be useful to introduce him here. They run a self reliance centre where a group of people live and do organic farming, earth building, home schooling for kids etc. 

According to him life is really easy and fun, man need not work this hard to make a living. He left his job in Bangok and started to cultivate rice and with 2 months work he had enough rice to eat and with less than 1 hour work per day he has enough vegetables to eat. He alone can make a earthen it is such an interesting story....

More details of him can be seen from the following videos/links.  - TED talk - Interview - Interview by Gajanand Agarwal - Keynote - Jon Jandai in Bangalore

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How to grow things well....

always nice to read your blog.