Sunday, July 8, 2018

Farm in rainy season - 2018

This year rain has been very good. Coconut trees are slowly recovering. Some photos...

Elephant foot yam...

Pureria Javanica - in some places it is becoming a nuisance, since it climbs every where

Taro - in front of the farm house. These places were prepared in summer, now this same place can be reused again and again and residual fertility becomes added advantage for the next crop.

Lot of young trees in between coconut trees, some of them were cut, but not cleaned

'Koorkka'  in Malayalam, it is a root crop, very tasty one. One type of spinach - Sambar Cheera.

Finally well has some water.

Another type of spinach.

Chilly plants...

Bamboo planted my friend - late Dr.Rajesh

This year, putting sunhemp throughout the farm.

A huge honey bee nest, after couple of days, they just disappeared.

Little guard

Sunhemp growing around newly planted coconut plant



Unknown said...

Koorka needs transplanting. Turmeric need more mulching or else soil will become hard once the rains are over. Cow looks nice.

Nandakumar said...

Hi Subith,

Koorka was transplanted once. Turmeric beds were having mulch, but seeds were almost on the soil top, so put more soil over the mulch. Have to get some more mulch now.