Thursday, August 2, 2018

Growing Sunhemp as green manure crop

This time bought around 50Kgs of Sunhemp seeds at 85/per KG from Coimbatore. Planning to use it as a green manure crop for vegetables, rice and also in coconut area. One good thing is that it is easy to establish them without tilling and also in existing ground cover.

A vegetable patch, after this planning to grow some vegetables in this area.

Coconut area....they come easily through mulch and also seeding them close works well.


Since there was not much rain for a month, growth of sunhemp has reduced.

Desmodium scorpiurus which had sown earlier, comes up here along with sunhemp


In the vegetable area, sunhemp was cut and mulched. It was much easy to cut using scythe. Planning to plant ash gourd and pumpkin in this area. Cut small opening and put handful of dried cowdung and kept it.

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Unknown said...

Not sure I have seen it before. Can you please post some pictures after they are grown.