Sunday, January 27, 2019

Planting Ayurjack Saplings


Some time back had visited a farmer called 'Varghese Tharakan' in Trichur who had done a wonderful rain water harvesting in his hilly farm. He had made deep trenches against the slope and directed all the rain water to these trenches. He had planted rubber saplings throughout this farm and also bananas and without any drop of irrigation he could harvest banana and his rubber trees grew well.

Then we hear the news that he cut all the rubber trees and banana and planted a special variety of Jackfruit tree which he named 'Ayurjack'. He discovered this jackfruit tree and it was very tasty and hence propagated it using budding and it gives fruit in 1.5 years. He realised its potential and planted around 1000 jackfruit saplings. Some of his trees have fruited and it looks fascinating and he became famous. He runs a nursery of jackfruit saplings and sells it at rupees 500 onwards and big saplings costs 1500 rupees. Whether this is same as popular Vietnamese early gold jackfruit, not sure?

I visited his farm with my friend and bought two saplings for 600/ rupees each. Even though I am not a fan of budded trees, thought of trying it out. Took around 2x2x2 feet pits and filled with dried cowdung and neem cake (little bit) and then planted it.

Some youtube videos about Ayurjack jackfruits


Ayurjack saplings in my backyard

There are some debate happening whether the Ayur Jack is Vietanamese early or not. Here is some video which explains some findings, it looks like it is Vietnamese early Jack fruit.


A recent report which came in news paper about the Ayurjack issue






After the rains, they are picking up


Add caption


One tree started fruiting...


One branch fell off, hence cut the top..can see small jackfruit coming up

Jackfruits started growing..3 are there in one bunch


It completed 2 year 8 months..fruits are growing OK, even though small..

Making sure that fruit is ripe on the tree per one person, only one should be allowed in a bunch, others should be removed so that they can be used to make curry


Finally harvested it, yet to ripe and taste


K.V.Srinivas said...

Wonderful sir, great information. Thanks a Ton.

K.V.Srinivas said...

We do have a 7 acres dates farm. We are planning to have Jack fruit as an inter crop. Please suggest the best nursery from where we can get good plants in an affordable price.

Unknown said...

There is a 'Mani nursery ' chirakkekode 5 km from mannuthy, thrissur. Cheapest, best quality and reliable. I want to talk to you. 9400 302050.

Unknown said...

Do not attempt plantation unless you can run a plant nursery with it. Marketing fruits is tricky.