Sunday, April 28, 2019

Abandoned puppies in the farm

Since it is mango season, I was checking if there are mangoes ready for harvesting in one far end of the farm, and could hear cry of some puppies at a distance as I walked. On hearing my footstep, they stopped crying for some time and again started.This area is little deserted and could see three puppies, one was lying and was in unconscious state, one was struggling from red ant bytes. There are red ants every where in summer, especially in mango trees. They were a week old and had opened their eyes.

Didn't feel like leaving them there, since they will all starve to death, carried them to my farm house and kept them in a basket. Went and bought some milk and gave them in a bowl, they were not knowing how to drink milk, may be they are just used to drink their mother's milk only. Then kept their head near the milk and they started drinking, the one in unconscious state also finally woke up and drank milk. All had red ants on them, I cleaned them up and all had some kind of insects moving in their skin. One was male and two was females and there was no demand for them. I kept some milk and water and left for the day and asked my farm helper to give them milk.

Next day when I came, they were not seen at all, since opposite farm had some people, they sensed it and started going towards them.They didn't want puppies and they were busy with their work. I brought two of them back and one was not seen, they told one was seen at one end of their farm. I gave the two some milk and was busy with the work so thought will go and search for the third one after some time. By the lunch time, I searched for the 3rd one and she was in one corner of the farm. She had gone following a person, and later didn't know how to come back. On seeing me, she came running behind me and she walked back to my farm house following me.

Next 2 days, I didn't visit farm and when I visited farm, none were there. Later learnt that, my farm helper had taken them to his home, felt happy about it. If he takes care of them till some stage, thought of giving some money for that work. That day there was a small festival there and when I went there, the kids there told the actual story. One was male puppy so they kept them home and abandoned 2 puppies in a nearby farm where nobody comes usually. I just took the kids with me and we had to walk some distance and finally 2 were there in the middle of another farm and they were starving for 2 days. I just took them back and kept them in my farm house and gave them milk. I used to tell all these stories with my family and my wife and kids are really interested in puppies. My daughter was here for her vacation from hostel, she and son accompanied me to the farm on the next. Finally we decided to take both the puppies back home and look after for some time and decide later what to do with them. It looked like both puppies had some wounds and worms were there, applied some spray but one was in bad conditioned it died. She felt lonely when her companion had gone, but soon recovered. It also had wound, but it recovered and finally we built one cage and she is happy now.


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