Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Turmeric planting

In one area of the farm, planted turmeric by employing 4 women laborers. There were tall grass growing in this area, cut the long grass using scythe and kept them aside and then cleared the area using brush cutter with plastic thread, this works much faster. Trying to cut tall grass using brush cutter is more time consuming.

Also got around 18 bags of cowdung and spread in the pit before planting turmeric fingers.


Employed 4 women laborers and completed turmeric planting. Applied another 9 bags of dried cowdung. Efficiency of workers is less when there are more people, lots of time spent on talking, have to try with 2 and also directly working along with them.

Planning to apply cowdung slurry and also one or two weeding and mulching.


Did one weeding and mulching with glyrecedia leaves, so far it looks good.


emma said...

agriculture is the backbone of every economy.

Shyam said...

Hi Nandan,

The plants looked very healthy. This monsoon I want to experiment Ginger and Termeric as the fifth layer in my areca garden I already have Coconut , Banana, Cocoa and Pepper as other layers.What I am really not sure is about the shade. How much sunlight did your termeric receive.


Nandakumar said...

Even though initially it looked healthy, then weeds took over, could not de-weed, so harvest was below average. Turmeric should grow in shade, some people say, even in shades of mango tree, it grows well, yet to be tried out.

Nice to see that, you already have an established multi-layer food forest