Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Finger millet and Sorghum sowing


Cut some non-used area of the farm and sown seedballs of finger millet and Sorghum. In one area, the grass is not strong, since there is shade from trees and also mulch from the tree leaves. These seedballs are small size,bigger size makes more time, so went for small size.


Finger millet was not germinated at all and Sorghum only a few seeds. Both were in seed balls and rain was less after putting, also seed balls were small, so probably soil would have washed away soon before germination and seeds got eaten by ants. So at this point it looks to me that putting germinated seeds in wet ground is much better and predictable. If rain fed, wait for a good rain and before the groud dries up, have to put germinated seeds and mulch lightly.

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