Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fukuoka style taro cultivated in backyard

Fukuoka san advises to leave a few tubers behind during harvesting so that planting is also done along with harvesting. Tubers are strong plants and they come through weeds also. In my backyard, I cultivate taro using this method, left a few taros during harvesting and mulched that area heavily. They came up with rains and have been growing wild. Weeded once..

Harvested one plant yesterday and cleaned up and made curry today, it is tasting excellent.  One plant yield is enough for making curry for 3 days. Two seeds were just put in the same pit so that next year's planting is completed.


Harvested another 2 plants, one was small, not much yield, but still OK.


This year's Taro in Fukuoka style...I was using the big seed in some cases, but I feel this rots in the soil. Have to see if this can be used as food and then plant fresh seeds, also instead of 2 may be use 3 small seeds from each bunch.

I had planted casava in the front, it looks like it overcrowds the place a bit...who knows plants may like the company of other plants....


After getting some good rains, taro is establishing well.


emma said...

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