Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Birds eye chilli (Kanthari) cultivation

Birds eye chilli is famous here, now a days its medicinal properties are becoming widely accepted. I have couple of these plants in the farm and recently they have been yielding well. I get ripened ones from the plants and have been planting them in the nursery. This time planning to plant around 100 hundre such plants. If there are more plants in an area, maintaining them is easy. I planted 50 of them in between newly planted banana area. There are weeds around, just around their base,kept clean by using push-pull hoe.


Planted another 23 chillli plants today. I normally transplant in the evenings so hot sun is avoided, also it rained yesterday so land it wet. Cleaned planting area using spade and then loosened the soil and planted. May be after all the preparations are over, then only should uproot the plants and plant so that they have minimum shock, small details matter.


One plant got some disease...may be should allow to have some more weeds nearby and see if it makes any difference..may be some diseases may be there, it is all nature's mysteries, can't understand it fully or solve it. 

Planted another 8 plants today,this time after preparation of the land, brought the plants, so shock is minimum


Weeded one area with new is good, even though not very sturdy, works well in loose soil. It easily cuts small weeds, some big weeds can be cut too. The same tool is used for piling up soil, always multipurpose tools are more useful.

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