Sunday, September 15, 2019

Few banana plants around farm house

Banana variety called 'Nenthran' need lot of care, so were not successful in the farm. At least it should be provided water in the dry season and I was not able to do it. This time planted 5 nenthran suckers around the home, since I have water connection, in dry season, I can irrigate with whatever water is available. I get around 3500 litres of water everyday and I just use only 10 or 15 litres on alternate days, so I have plenty of water.

Put glyrecedia leaves in the pit and planted suckers and mulched with grass around. Also put three glyrecedia sticks around each plant so I have enough leaves for mulching and also they can provide shade in the summer and also can be used as a support in the future. In this case, I would be allowing only the main plant and all the other suckers which comes out will be cut and mulched.


With good rain and mulching, they are doing good

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