Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rice cultivation - Monsoon season - 2014

I am starting with rice cultivation in the monsoon season. I couldn't make the no-till method working, so moved to organic rice cultivation with tilling. I used a rotovator attachment with tractor and all the grass also was powdered in the process. I could use rotovator since there was not much water in the field, even though it is peak of rainy season. The field was not completely levelled and ideally should have used a tiller after watering the field to puddle the field. Since tiller was not available at proper time, one person was assigned to puddle the field with his legs and I also helped him in the process.

The rice used is Vysakh, an upland rice which does well in the muddy field also. I had kept some seeds from my last harvest. The seedlings were around 35 days old, while transplanted. I had applied some dried cowdung in the field to make it more fertile. Now planning to use cowdung slurry to promote the growth. The challenge is to control the weeds, have to keep the field in water so that weeds does not come up.

For last two days not much rain, field has grown dry.


Rain is back and field has enough water. Weeds were more and hence weeding was done with 3 women labourers.


Applied cowdung slurry, one women labourer was employed for 2 days. Small grasses are seen, probably to be deweeded once again.


Paddy has grown more thick and covered the field and started flowering. We have received good amount of rain, this time, there is standing rain water in the field now.

Flowering is complete now..climate has become windy and rain have receded.


Getting ready for harvest...some insect attack was there, but just neglected and it didn't cause any problem. Peacocks and birds has to be watched, they are getting ready for harvest.


Finally harvest is over..yield is not so good, got 217 kgs (31 para in local language). But it gives good feelings..have enough food for 5-6 months. There was no insect attack and peacocks also was not a problem, climate was good for harvest. Now starting the next season paddy. Yield was not so good since there were not many tillers and also seedlings were 35 days old when transplanted. May have to put more cowdung during land preparation for better yield.


Farming Equipments said...

Interesting one about the farming!

Mithun Jain said...

Congratulation Nandan. You are going close to Natural Farming with each experiment. All the best.

arjun said...

congrats..... nandan

Nandakumar said...

Thanks Arjun