Sunday, February 8, 2015

Watering in summer

Even though I am not interested in watering plants, not able to avoid it since summer is very severe. Some coconut plants gets affected very badly if watering is delayed. Generally all trees have good mulch around the base and once watered moisture will be there for 4-5 days, beyond that it becomes dry again. Once organic contents in the soil increases, I am hoping that watering can be reduced drastically. Also there should be good shade all over the farm, but again crops should not shade each other, otherwise yield will be affected. It is about right balance

In areas where there is heavy mulch, there is a spongy affect while walking, earthworms make lots of holes and water goes through them and it behaves like a sponge. Those areas water retention is much better and I planted two coffee plants and three banana suckers and mulched with straw, hoping that they will survive.

There are 5 pepper plants in front of the house, they were dying out, mulched them with straw and water them once in a week just to see if they can be saved. They looks to be OK, straw mulching is helping to retain water at their base. 

I keep hearing Hugelkultur (raised beds with wood) is good for no-irrigation agriculture, planning to try it for vegetable area..even it drastically reduce the water requirement, it will be good.

Coffee plant

I was little late to start watering for this


Anonymous said...

You probably know this, Paul Wheaton's approach to avoiding irrigation -

I've noticed during the winter months, the condensed dew dripping off the leaves of trees in the morning. Not sure if dry mulch on the ground does the same, i.e. facilitate condensation.


Nandakumar said...

Thanks voodoo...I am listening to the podcast and see if something can be taken from this.

I have decent mulch, but it is not sufficient to eliminate irrigation.


Riyaz said...

I am curious to know whether you have tried any Permaculture methods in your garden?

Riyaz, Trivandrum

Nandakumar said...


I have been hearing about swales, but never tried so far. I am trying Hugelkulture beds, yet to see the results. Please let me know if there are some one in Kerala who uses Permaculture methods.