Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Seed balls for planting vegetables

Monsoon is going to start is delayed by 10 days now, very unusual and we had very unusual summer rains and at that time it really looked like a monsoon season.

When rains starts heavily seeds does not germinate well. Seeds which is present in the field with summer rains, gets a good start and then they thrive in the monsoon. I was little late, but made some seed balls of toor dal, ash guard,chilly and lady's finger and put them after cutting grass. Planting is easy this way since no bending and putting seeds in soil, and works gets completed ahead of time and seeds will be safe in the seed ball waiting for the rain. Once they germinate, they will normally survive even if the rain is delayed a bit.

This time seed ball was made from earth worm castings which is a soft soil. Took some soil and each was rolled using is bit time consuming. If the work is separated into tasks and each task is done repeatedly it is much more easier. That is, to making a big mud ball and then keep forming small portions of muds and when that task is completed, keep putting the seeds on them and once that is completed, keep rolling one by one.



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