Saturday, June 13, 2015

Traditional lady's finger

Traditional vegetables are tasty and plants are adapted to local conditions and grows very well. I have been looking for traditional seeds which are not easily available now a days. People started buying seeds from shops and agriculture departments and does not keep their own seeds. Recently during a visit to one farmer called Gopu Kodungallur, got a very long lady's finger which is called 'Anakomban'. This was growing very well and produced good vegetable in my hugelkulture bed.

Recently a neighbour grandma gave a very peculiar lady's finger and it was very tasty. She has been cultivating it for many years. Last day she gave that seeds and will be cultivating it soon.


First set of seeds given by grandma didn't germinate...tried it many times..gave it to another friend, but it failed to germinate..Later this year, she gave some more seeds, that one germinated and these plants are growing in the hugelcukture beds in farm..There are few plants which I am growing in my backyard with lots of cowdung slurry, they haven't fruited, but it looks very healthy...


Chandu Singh said...

useful information....keep spirit up

Raj said...

Nanda, Grow few moringa ( drumstick ) trees in your farm. You can make fine solution of moringa leaves and flowers and use it as foliar spray, this will increase the yield by minimum 20%. Try it and let me know the results.

Raj said...

Even playing classical Indian music will increase the yield up-to 40%. Proven in experiment.

Nandakumar said...

Thanks Raj..foliar spray and classical music..not easily the extend possible, would like to stick to natural farming, so that farmer has lot of free time

Nandakumar said...

Thanks Chandu Singh

Samadhan Agrotech said...

Looks nice! I can very well understand the effort

required to maintain the mud floor nd it's even

harder when u have a destroyer like my dog Bairav

, who loves digging, btw any luck on the mansoon

side , any rain? . It's hot nd windy here no rain

so far



Nandakumar said...

Thanks Samadhan...maintenance wise hugelkulture is much better..monsoon was delayed and rain was less this time, last week it is picking up, receiving good rain..



Thanks for sharing useful info on virtually identical, here i got lots of knowledge about it.

Nandakumar said...

Please share the information. Unfortunately this lady's finger seeds did not germinate.