Friday, January 1, 2016

Sabu Joseph - Karshakashree Award Winner - 2015

Karshakashree Award is given by Malayala Manorama daily once in 2 years for farmers who excel in farming. This year award goes to Sabu Joseph from Calicut. Here are some videos about him, it is in Malayalam ....

He has 7 acres of farm and cultivates more than 15 types of crops. Most of the work is done by he and his wife and occasionally takes help of one old worker. One interesting thing is , he is into full time farming and enjoys it completely and makes a decent income. He makes about 100000/- Indian rupees per month.These are his crops and income from different crops per year. He does complete organic farming.

Crop Income (Indian rupees) Details
Coconut 150000 250 trees
Arecanut 100000 250 trees
Banana 200000 Different varieties 1000 numbers
Nutmeg 600000 500 trees
Pepper 50000 150 numbers
Coffee 25000 1000 trees
Herbs - Thippali 12000

Tapioca 70000 500 numbers
Big honey bee 20000

Small honey bee 30000

Fruit trees

For own consumption

For own consumption

For own consumption
Total 1257000

Some of the translation from the videos..

He inherited 6.25 acres and bought another 0.75 acre and totally has 7 acres now. Originally from Pala, Kottayam and now has been at this place for 45 years now. He has been into farming since young age and he observes well and tries new things. Main crops are coconut and nutmeg. He has bees and does fish farming also. He is keen in water and soil conservation activities. Earlier it was coconut and arecanut and arecanut started getting diseases so he started nutmeg. He grows root vegetables.There are about 750 nutmeg trees and 500 are yielding. He got around 30 quintals of seeds and 6 quintals of jathipathri. During rainy season, water should not be stagnated so he has put drainage channel throughout the farm. There is a canal through the farm and coffee is cultivated at the banks of this. Coffee plants prevents soil erosion to the canal and yields well. Tapioca yields throughout the year, each plant gives around 15Kgs. There is a good collection of lemon, orange etc.

to be continued....

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