Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scythe - An effective tool for cutting grass

Since cutting and mulching is an important task in natural farming, I have been searching an effective solution for that. I tried Honda brush cutter, used it to some extend, but putting petrol, fiber thread getting cut now and then, being heavy, noise, all made it me to look for other options. I still use Honda brush cutter to clear path ways and some time to clear the grass grown in the raised bed, it is a good tool.

Then I looked for Scythe, and bought one from Alexander Vido of and made a handle myself and started using it. I was hitting stones now and then and its edge was getting bent and again I couldn't achive cutting larger area. Please see my earlier post on this, which started around 3 years back.

Then I bought one from CEC hyderabad and it had proper handle,grip, but blade and handle was both heavy. Blade was not getting effected even if I hit the stones, so used it to some extend again.

Then I bought 2 bush blades thinking that will do my purpose, but some how didn't get a feel of it. Alexander Vido of visited Kerala as part of making Scythe in India and attended a training given by him. I could really see the power of Scythe and realised, the grip made a lot of difference. He gave me a grip and a screw for it and I made a proper handle and fitted this grip. I am using this tool now very effectively, I get more control and able to manage without hitting stones.

I would say, anyone who is into natural farming should try this tool, it really makes your life easy. I am able to cut large areas and since all the cutting is done without bending, it is not tiring. Also I use the first blade which I bought from Alexander which is quite sharp and light, that makes the life easier. I am trying to make it popular in Kerala, and approached couple of magazines to write an article about this, they wanted Scythe to be available in India before publishing the article. Alexander Vido is working on this, will update soon when it is available.


Cutting Sunhemp using Scythe, video is little faster than actual, some conversion issue

Scythe article written by me and published in 'One Earth One Life' magazine 

Buying Scythe in India

Any one interested to buy Scythe can contact Anand Chaturvedi - More details are there at -

Their new web site -


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Hello Nandan,

Where can I get a scythe with the handle as seen in your pic?
I need it to Kozhikode.


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You can contact, he should be able to give you one.


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