Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy hill rice - 2016 monsoon

Happy hill rice was cultivated by Masanobu Fukuoka and supposed to be one of the best yielding variety. On this monsoon, I am cultivating happy hill rice just to make sure that I have the seeds..and probably try to improve this variety for the local climate. The seeds which I am using now, is cultivated from the original seeds sent by a Japanese friend.

A raised bed was made and cowdung is spread and some seeds were put directly here. Some seeds were kept in a covered wet cloth and after 3 days, they started germinating and those seeds were put in another portion of the raised bed.

I hope to send the seeds to more people who is interested to try out this variety. Last time I had sent the seeds to 4-5 friends located at different parts of the world and had requested them to send back some seeds after their harvest, yet to hear from them.


Rice seedlings can be seen....



Just made some aeration for the soil using a stick and poured some cowdung slurry. Arachis pintoi planted along with it, just to see how it grows along with paddy.




Rice plants looks beautiful now !!! Application of cowdung slurry does all the magic...I apply it once in 2 days, since cow shed is nearby...flowering started...



More flowers and grain formation stared....taken using iPhone


Grains are turning yellow, getting ready for harvest


Harvested a portion of the paddy....some grains are still green...some good plants with many tillers haven't flowered, may be lack of light...cowpea which was grown neaby has taken some light...

My daughter counted the grains...counted one bunch and then multiplied..70 bunches and each one containing 160..totally 11200 grains...this is not complete harvest..Total number of seeds used was around 50.


challa onkareswarrao said...

can I have some seeds please.

Nandakumar said...

Sure, can send you 10 seeds in a weeks time. Please send your address to p_k_nandanan@yahoo.com. You have to update me on the progress and also return 20 seeds when you harvest the rice.


Subith Nair said...

looks like sticky rice the east asians use... have you tried these?

challa onkareswarrao said...

nandakumar sir,

I have received the seed and sown the same. But I could not get a single plant. bad luck. However thanq u once again.


Nandakumar said...

Dear Subith,

No, I haven't eaten Happy hill rice...next time, may be will put in some more bigger area and try it out.

Dear Challa onkareswararao - don't worry, I have more seeds, can send you some more by next season. I just put 10 seeds in wet cloth, just to see if they germinate, and they have germinated, so seeds viability is not lost. Earlier, I had faced this problem, after keeping them for an year, they stopped germinating.


challa onkareswarrao said...

Than Q sir for reply. awaiting for seeds. Thanks.

Pozarnica said...

May I please have some seeds? I live in Australia and could not find any of these seeds.

Nandakumar said...

Hi Vid,

I can send some seeds by April 1st week, please ping me by that time. Here is my email address- p_k_nandanan@yahoo.com


Vi Dr said...

Hi Nandan,
I have sent you an email on the above email address.


Nandakumar said...

Yes Vid, got that mail and responded back.


Unknown said...

Hi. Do you still have any seeds available?

Nandakumar said...


I still have some seeds, but they don't germinate anymore. I am looking for some more samples or trying to find a way to germinate old seeds.