Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weed clearing using Scythes and Billhook

Pre-monsoon showers started in May 2nd week, temperature came down and land has become wet. Monsoon will start any time now and it is hectic planting season now. Weeds are emerging every where and cover crop Pureria Javanica also is growing very well and climbing every where.

I used to use grass scythe earlier, which is quite good for grasses but its edge gets damaged quickly on hitting thick stem bushes. Then I bought a bush scythe, but that can not cut grass effectively. Then there are cases when creepers go all around the saplings and cutting them need a Billhook, using scythe for that job is not good, since it may cut the saplings. While starting, I use Scythe so that when there is a disturbance if there are snakes, they will move from the place, Scythe with long handle gives a comfort feeling.

Now I carry both grass scythe, bush scythe and billhook and select the right one depending on the requirement. This is becoming an effective combination in my case.

The one with metal snath is bought from Anant Chaturvedi,Kanpur,India.


Weed clearing done on 3 different places...mulch is put around young cocoa saplings

If any one would like to buy a Scythe in India....Please visit the site

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