Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sunhemp cover crop for root vegetables

I have a small area where I have kept some raised beds for root crops like turmeric, ginger, taro etc. While I was looking for mulch to cover it now so that I can grow them in rainy season, could not find enough mulch. Since water is available here, thought of growing Sunhemp for 3 months and cut and mulch so that it will fix some nitrogen also.

I first cut the grass and then broadcasted sunhemp seeds and then slightly tilled it using a fork, so that seeds go inside the soil. After this I mulched it lightly so that moisture will be retained better. Asked Palani to water it, after a week when I visited to my surprise, they have germinated well.


Growth of sunhemp is stunted, since there is not enough water, have to water this. Some new area mulched with grass.


Received a good rain couple of days back, sunhemp recovered from the heat stress

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