Thursday, March 15, 2018

Climate Summary - 2018

Thought of updating summary of climate in each year, in farm and at my residence.

Received good rain today at my home location, also a month back there was a good rain. This good rain was received in the farm also.

It rained today at my home location, was not heavy, but reasonably wet. Had rained at the farm location also.

Good rain at home..there was no sign in the morning, suddenly clouds appeared and it started pouring. Today afternoon heat was turning unbearable.

It rained at the farm also

It rained today, it was not heavy, but medium

Not sure, about the exact date, but it rained around this on a morning. Farm also received this rain, so far it looks good.

Slight drizzling.. No rain at farm

One more good rain at home, but in the farm, this rain was not received

At night good rain and heavy wind with a sound...received the rain at farm also

May be missed some more rains....Soil is reasonably wet now and there is continuity in rain, soil does not go dry..whatever plants planted, survive on rain water

Rained at farm and at home....reasonably good rain

Heavy rain at home....and it rains at farm also well

Almost daily there is rain in the night...both at home and farm.

It is almost like that monsoon has started..

Heavy rain continues, elderly people say it has been  40 years since we got a rain like this. Some news paper reports about rain.

Report - 1513mm of rain in Palakkad so far

18th July 2018 - 1873mm including summer rain in Palakkad

Farm well has lot of water now.


Famous 2018 flood happened in Kerala, there was lot of rain. The last such flood happened in 1924 (1099 - malayalam calendar).

Farm well is full.

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