Monday, April 16, 2018

Rice farming - 2018 Monsoon


This year activities started little bit early, starting with green manuring using Sunhemp. Broadcasted about 10Kgs of sunhemp seeds in two fields. The field was little bit wet, asked Palani to water the field also. Sunhemp was bought from Coimbatore Superseeds (Mettupalayam road, Near Central theatre) at 85 rupees per KG. Cowpea which was broadcasted earlier, started yielding, was greatly encouraged by that result.


Sunhemp is catching up slowly, soon they will come above the grass, wherever water didn't reach, it didn't germinate so it is not very uniform


With good rain, sunhemp has been growing well.

08-July-2018Tilling was delayed, since there was some electricity problem and hence sufficient water was not there in the field, even though rain was good. Ploughing was done on June 15th and next day soaked seeds were put for germination. Transplanting was completed on 6th July.


Applied some cowdung and did a weeding, 3 womens worked for 3 days, because of heavy rain, there is always standing water in the field.


Because of heavy rain, weeds were less, still employed 4 ladies for a day just to pull out the few weeds and also to puddle so that some aeration comes and plants grow much better.


Flowering started around 10 days back, its extremely hot, so watering it on alternate days.


Rice plants started turning yellow


Palani broadcasting 'matta champavu' seeds for the next crop.Some moisture is there, expected to rain by night, but didn't happen so not sure, if the seeds will germinate with the remaining moisture.

In some places,it is not very thick,may have to decrease the distance between plants.


Finally harvesting completed, 7 ladies harvested main field and 2 ladies harvested the small field. After threshing still some grains are left and straw has been piled, will thresh it once again after 3-4 days. This time, seeds for next crop is harvested separately so that there is no mix of other varieties. Totally it is around 40 para (local measurment) , around 400Kgs.

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