Saturday, March 9, 2019

Farm visitors can stay now

Farm house has water connection now, staying there is possible, but no electricity connection or solar lighting. If there are people who can cook their own food and adjust with the limited facilities, then then can come and stay for short periods from 1 week to 1 month. 

Terms and conditions

1. Staying at the farm is free and at the same time there won't be any payments for the work
    you do
2. Maximum 2 people can stay at any time, friends or couple
3. No smoking,drugs and alcohol
4. Date of arrival and leaving should be informed in advance of 1 week
5. Since I don't stay in the farm, you should reach farm between 9 AM and 5 PM. If you land
    Palakkad at odd time, you have to stay at the hotel at your own expenses
6. You have to work for around 4 hours per day - 5 days per week, groceries for cooking will be
   provided. But it can not be guaranteed to be organic, whatever provided from farm will be 
   organic anyway
7. There is a wooden stove and you have to get used to this style of cooking
8. There is attached bathroom with an Indian style closet
9. We can not take care of the treatments if you happen to have any medical issues, so it is 
    better to have a medical insurance
10. If you are from outside India, your details has to be registered with Bureau of 
   Immigration ( with form-C and you should provide Passport and VISA         details on arrival
11. Your stay also will be reported at the nearest police station, so you have to accompany 
    me to the police station when you arrive

Things to carry

Mosquito net, gun boot, torch


Kappayan Kulumbu,
Via Vandithavalam
Phone - 8089639261 (WhatsApp also),8089625667
email -

If you come by train, get down at Palakkad Junction and get bus to Palakkad Town and come to stadium bus stand. From here, get bus which goes towards Meenakshipuram via Vandithavalam, get down at Pattikulam junction and get an auto to Nandan's farm.

A brief description of organic activities

We grow coconut, mango, banana,paddy,turmeric,taro,elephant foot yam etc..following Fukuoka's natural farming principle. Planting, harvesting and some amount of weed control will be the basis of all farming activities.


Charles from Canada originally from Trinidad and Tobago helping me in planting greater yam. He has spent 3 weeks in farm house with no electricity and cooking using wooden stove. But he also depended on the hotels nearby.


Right now this staying facility is not given to visitors since I started staying there for some time to complete some pending works


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