Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Making nursery for 2019 June planting

Like every year, this year also started making a nursery of trees for planting in the monsoon. If the trees are established, then planting at the start of the monsoon will make them growing very well.


Put the seeds around one month back and some have germinated and growing.


At a new place, seeds were sown and coir compost was put above this.


Seeds from lemon which was bought for home consumption is used for planting. Some grow bags were put with seeds a month back and now they are germinating


Few yellow bamboo sticks are planted in grow bags, no germination seen yet, even after a month. A few were planted 2 days after full moon in February to see if they germinate better.


Around 38 coconut seeds collected from farm has been planted and watered when I visit the place.