Sunday, October 6, 2019

Planting tapioca in Pureria Javanica ground cover

Pureria Javanica is established in some areas well. Wanted to plant tapioca in one area and cut the area using Scythe and then cleared some more running stems so that ground is clean to start with. It creates lot of biomass and can see that all other weeds has disappeared. Also the can feel that the land is fertile under this cover crop.

Using crow bar loosened the soil and planted tapioca cuttings and then mulched. Mulching later is little bit tedious, may be next time should mulch and plant. For under ground crops,mulching later is fine. Now every week, some cuttings has to be done, so that Pureria from nearby places does not come to this planted area.


Most of the cuttings is growing...

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