Saturday, September 5, 2020

Compost heap near paddy field

Recently I started making some compost using dried leaves and grass cuttings, it is not that difficult to make, but there is some work involved in transporting the dried leaves,grass cuttings,making heap and turning it periodically. But if you make the compost heaps once in every 3 months, it is not a difficult task. 

Recently I was clearing the bunds of the paddy field using Scythe and there was considerable amount of grass clippings. There are plenty of dried leaves from the mango trees, so thought of making compost heap near the paddy field so that there is not much movement of items. Also I can get some water from the paddy field, so work involved is less. Once it is ready, since compost is available near the paddy field itself, it can be easily applied. When women laborers were employed for clearing the grass in the farm, they were asked to bring 1 basket of cowdung each while coming from home. 2 basket was enough for one heap, so total cost of the compost was just 30 (15 rupees per basket) rupees and my effort. I spent close to 2 days for cutting and collecting materials.

This pile was completed on 29th August


Turned the pile...could see that it lacks mositure, actually there was stagnant  rain water nearby some time back, but forgot to wet this pile

Got around 5 baskets of compost and it was well decomposed and applied to paddy field.

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